Mirror, Mirror

I knew that my weight loss would eventually result in a “wardrobe clean out”…   It didn’t actually need to happen for several months as like most “fatties” I had quite a varied selection of clothes in just about every size…  And oftentimes the same style in different sizes AND different colors!!!  (Good grief!)  So for the next few months post surgery I could pick and choose from what I already had…  But this post isn’t about clothes… Rather about needing to be able to see what they looked like!

Now we have lived in our home for just over 18 years…  And in that time I have never (nope… not even once!) had, nor needed to have, a full length mirror…  If I needed to see what the bottom half of me looked like, well I just stood on the toilet in the en suite and with a bit of mental visualisation managed to get a pretty good idea of the total look.  For the most part this system worked…

Well it did until I had my surgery…  As the numbers changed on my scales so too did my body shape!  And the degree & speed with which this was happening was absurd!  LOL! Around this time I had several large bags of clothes gifted to me.  Some of these “new to me” clothes were of a totally different style to anything I had ever worn before…  they were “shape revealing” rather than “shape concealing”…  Eeeek?  I dunno if I can get away with this!

Neil wasn’t very helpful (I think he was a bit frightened of maybe saying the wrong thing… LOL!) so I bundled everything up and took it over to my girlfriend Jody’s house…  She wasn’t worried about saying the wrong thing and told me to keep the lot!!!

But guess what Jody had at her house???  A full length mirror!!!  Oh my giddy aunt!!!  It was so much easier to see what I looked like with one of these!  And you know what else???  I kinda liked what I saw!  Sooooo much easier than standing on the toilet in the en suite!

I visited with Jody on a Thursday evening…  By Saturday there was a full length mirror against the wall in my spare room…

Before I hadn’t really liked what looked back from the mirror, now it’s a lot more pleasing…

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