So the journey had begun…  My surgery date was set and I was in the midst of my “pre-op” diet.  This diet was not really anything different to what I had been eating for the last few months anyway… a shake for breakie, a shake for lunch and then a “normal” dinner at night…   (The pre-op diet really wasn’t a biggie for me at all!)

At this stage I hadn’t actually told too many people of my plans… There were perhaps about a half a dozen close friends who knew what was going on.  I happened to mention to my boss one day that I wasn’t sure how to go about telling people once “I was done”…  I was a mixture of emotions… guilt, embarrassment, excitement, nervousness…  Was it a cop out?  Was I cheating?  Or was it just the next natural step in a very long road travelled?

She, I have come to learn, is one very wise woman!  She offered one simple piece of advice:   “Own it!”     Ummm…  ok…  Insert slightly nervous half smile… 

What on earth did she mean?  Own it?  You mean I should tell people that I’ve had weight loss surgery?  Yikes…  What would people think?  Would they think I was a cheat?  Did I really want to deal with any possible judgements or negative comments?  Of course not!  (That was an easy question to answer!)  But it certainly did give me food for thought…  And think on it I did!  I see-sawed in my thought processes…  And in the end the “pros” far outweighed the “cons”!  To own it was the “safest” option!  I’m not good at telling a story if it’s not the truth…  If I fibbed to someone and they later discovered this fib then my integrity and relationship with that person would be forever damaged…  And that would not be cool at all!  Ok…  So what if I was judged?  Was it going to hurt me?  Nope!  Was it going to change my mind?  Nope!  Was it my worry to have to deal with?  Nuh!  Finally I had reached a decision which, in the end, was an easy one and honestly a “no brainer”!

By “owning  it” I have been gifted with THE MOST EMPOWERING TOOL EVER!  (Besides the actual surgery of course…  that was pretty life changing!)  I “owned” my surgery whist still in hospital, using a post on social media…  And I continue to own it!  I haven’t hidden it away as a “secret”; I have fessed up and been open and honest about the path chosen!  I have no fear of “tripping myself up” and I have been buoyed by the love and support shown.  I welcome folks asking questions!  And ask they do!  Constantly!

For anyone else considering surgery, I think you too should listen to my boss!  She knows stuff!!!


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