Wonder Woman

Many of you will know that I love Wonder Woman!  What some of you may not know is that I have never ever seen even one episode or read one comic featuring her!  Funny hey!  So how did this penchant for all things “Wonder Woman” come about?

Here’s a bit of a history…  In my previous employ, I was often the “go to girl” to get things done…  As my desk was right opposite the entrance door to the office I was often the first person of contact so it was possibly more out of convenience rather than any area of expertise!  With my desk being so close to the entrance door it also meant that everyone foraged through it to source their own stationery needs…  Mostly in my absence!  We had about 15 people on staff with the office utilised seven days a week…  One particular day my stapler went AWOL and I had to order a new one…  When the new one arrived it was kinda groovy…  It was made from clear perspex and as such was “see thru”…

One Monday I came to work and yet again my desk drawer had been raided…  Sigh… To my surprise somebody very clever had “NAMED” my groovy see thru stapler…  It had been named “Wonder Woman’s Stapler”!   After all “Wonder Woman” always travelled in a see thru aeroplane… apparently!  My stapler never went missing again!  And Rowena, the “go to problem fixer girl” started to get the nickname of… you guessed it “Wonder Woman”!

Jump into the present day…  I am NOT a “Wonder Woman”!  But I do feel like one!  I don’t have any super powers or special bangles…  I do have an amazing network of friends, family, work colleagues and supporters!  I have been gifted with all manner of “Wonder Woman” memorabilia which surrounds me both at work and at home… I adore it all!

My previous employment was as an Admin Assistant… my current position the same…  “Assistant” is the key word here; it’s my job to help others!  Follow through with that thought process and it’s really a “no brainer” to share my weight loss experience…

Perhaps my story might just move that one person to act… someone who previously may not have been “strong” enough…

Who knows?  It may help them to find the “Wonder Woman” (or “Superman”!) within…



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