My “Shrink Lady”

As part of the preparatory process for surgery, my medical team had me visit with a “Clinical Psychologist” or in Rowena speak, a “shrink lady”!  I have to admit that I did feel a little daunted by this prospect…  I had never been to see anyone in this field before…  Some of you (this would be my very rude friends!!!) might well say that this was a visit long overdue!  Hmmm…

Anyhow it was not scary at all!  It was just like having a chat with a friend… the only thing missing was a coffee cup!  As part of my first consultation (I had two…), I was required to complete a very long questionnaire…  This had been designed especially to be used for bariatric patients with answers fed into a computer program which would then spit out any “warning triggers”… I was pretty impressed with this and did not really anticipate hearing about anything that I wasn’t already aware of…

Jump forward to post surgery and my follow-up consult…  How was I tracking?  Yep good…  How was I feeling?  Yep awesome…  Did I have any worries…  Nope, none really!  Well here are your computer results…  Your responses indicate a “binge eating mentality”…  Say what???  I would never, ever have classed myself as a binge eater and I was quite taken aback…  Of course my “shrink lady” was just beautiful and settled me straight away…  No I wasn’t one of “those” binge eaters…  but “Row, if there is an open packet of lollies can you stop at just a few…” Ohhhh….  (insert a light bulb here…) OK… I get it now…

Our heads are tricky things and when we are in the right space we can be unstoppable…  The trick is to recognise when we are going down a more destructive pathway and to stop and turn ourselves around…  To not follow through with what is often a more familiar (and easier!!!) route…  To be mindful… At every step, of what we do, what we eat and how we go about the “day-to-day”…  And to realise that when we fall off the wagon we just need to get back on…  Not stress over the fact that we fell off!

To date I haven’t felt the need to visit with my shrink lady again but it is such a comfort to know that such a resource is at hand should I need to…


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