Those “significant” dates…

We all have them…  Those “significant” dates that we remember…

Some of our dates are for those truly wonderful and magical moments that give us such joy that we smile inwardly (and often outwardly!) just by remembering them.  Then there are those dates which remind us of sadder days and times we would prefer to forget…

Whether a positive or a negative, we all have them and to each of us they are “significant” and usually kinda special!

Today I am adding another “significant” date into my list!  And this one is indeed VERY special…  (Well, to me it’s special!)

It is twelve months today since I underwent my Sleeve Surgery!  Insert shocked face!!!  Hard to believe hey?

My now “teeny, tiny tummy” is celebrating its first birthday!  LOL!

Never, ever did I think I would get to where I am now!  And I probably wouldn’t have, had it not been for the surgery!  But I AM here and loving every single second!

And what are my results to date?  I have lost 34.8kg and 272.5cm!!!

Do I hear a “Woop! Woop!”

You betcha!!!



3 thoughts on “Those “significant” dates…”

  1. Whoop Woop indeed. I’m so very very pleased for you!!!!
    BUT. BEWARE!!! It will start (if it hadn’t already) “That’s enough! You don’t look like you ! You look SO thin”
    Just smile your beautiful smile You look bloody gorgeous xxxx


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