Well Hi there!  I’m back!  Not that I’ve really been anywhere…  I’ve just been kind of busy!

And I have had mixed feelings about my tardiness with my blog…  How slack to start something and then just not devote time into it!  But this week two things have happened that have prompted me to begin again…

This week just past I attended a revisit consult with my dietician…  Now I haven’t mentioned this amazing woman very much before and again I am not going to say too much about her, purely because I think that I want to devote a complete blog post to her in the not too distant future…  So for now I’m just going to tell you that I had an appointment with her that I was feeling a little anxious about…

And why the anxiety you may wonder?  I wasn’t too worried about what the scales were going to say…  I reckoned the numbers were going to be about the same, perhaps a little lower but not much…  What I was concerned about was that I had been very slack in my record keeping…  I had several half started, not fully complete, really quite inadequate food diaries to show for nearly four months’ worth of eating…  I should have had something like 16 pages; I had five!  Eeek!

Now my dietician isn’t the type of chick to rebuke me, nor would she have given me a scolding.  However I did expect something along those lines…  (That little negative voice in my head is quick to jump in still!)  What I got took my by complete surprise!  It seems I have achieved a level of “sophistication” where my choices and preparedness in relation to diet are becoming second nature…  Ha!!!  Whoever would’ve thought that I would be described as being sophisticated!!!  Not me that’s for sure!  #wheresmyfeatherboaandelbowlengthgloves

That was one thing that prompted me to begin blogging again…  The next thing is yet to happen but I am already soooo excited!

On Monday evening (it’s now Saturday afternoon) I have been invited to share my story at an information evening for folks who may be considering weight loss surgery as an option for themselves…  Just quietly, I really think I have been ready to do this since about four months post op!

I feel so very privileged to be in such a position and hope that my story encourages, inspires and excites!!!  I have overwhelmingly felt the love and encouragement of soooo many, as a couple of my “before and after” photos have appeared as advertising for the event…  Thank you one and all for your support and most beautiful words… xxx

As Monday night approaches let’s just hope that my nerves are kept in check and that my words reach through to the ears and hearts that need to hear them, so that those people too can experience this newly found health and happiness…

Stay tuned… I’ll let you know how I go!


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