So I shared my story…

So last night I spoke at the Patient Information Evening…  There were about 50 people (potential patients plus their support persons) present and I was really very nervous although I don’t think that many people would’ve known that…  I summoned up all my performance skills learned way back in my “theatre days” and put them back into use! #deepbreathandimaginethemintheirundies

If you ask me what I said then I’m afraid I can’t tell you…  I have absolutely no recollection of what I said!  Though I do remember retelling a quick story of a time in the early days after surgery when I had eaten too quickly…  And in hindsight perhaps me spewing in the gardens at Harbourtown shopping Centre wasn’t the best story to tell!  LOL!  It did get a bit of laugh when I explained the whole scenario and how Drew, our youngest son who was 19 at the time had said to me “Just spew in the garden Mum, that’s what I do!”  Good grief!

Whatever I said, I think for the most part it was well received!

Jump forward to today and I feel strangely emotional…  Quite teary in fact.  Hmmm…  Could this just be as a result of being in a “highly charged emotional state” last night fuelled by my nerves and subsequent adrenalin rush?  Probably!  #soundlikeIknowhwatimtalkingabout

I think I actually enjoyed sharing my story last night and, yes, I hope to be asked again although maybe I won’t share my spew story!

This surgery, the subsequent journey, and even the pathway to get there in the first place, has been life changing for me and I am so keen to be honest, open and up front to ANYONE who thinks that maybe it could do the same for them…

Soooo… if you have any questions, come at me… ♥♥♥


2 thoughts on “So I shared my story…”

  1. Row, we’ve been reading your upcoming appearance, and then after-speech report with much interest from prague .. I’m so glad you did this .. you will surely be a great inspiration to many … but even if you only inspire 1 person, you will have change their life forever xxx


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