Mindful vs Mindless

So prior to surgery I’m not even sure that I had ever given these words any thought spaces whatsoever!  I guess I knew their meanings and in what context that they would be used however they just weren’t words that would be used in my everyday speak…  My how things can change…

“Mindful” – attentive, aware, or careful (usually followed by ‘of’)

“Mindless” – without intelligence, senseless

I would now describe my thought processes in relation to food as being, nearly always, “mindful”…  (There’s a key word in there!)

For the most part I am mindful (attentive, aware, careful of…) my food choices and the impact of those choices…  I think about what food groups they fall into, when I am going to consume them, how I am going to consume them and what outcomes can expect to be achieved…  When I am mindful I am in control; I am powerful!

Alas there are times when my thinking is not of a mindful nature…  Old eating habits beckon and require little to no effort!  The main problem (and I am so thankful for this reminder!!!) is that not much can fit in my “teeny tiny tummy”!  So for the times when I am “mindless”, when I am not concentrating, not thinking about the actual process of eating, not thinking about the nourishment that is required or just being stubborn and believing that I CAN eat a whole big packet of Twisties(!!!), my beautiful tiny tummy reminds me with a few key indicators… nausea, hot flushes, bloating and a general feeling of discomfort!

It is then that I remember that is good to be mindful!!!

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