So here we are nearly two years down the track!  I can scarcely even believe that I’ve been on this journey for that length of time!  It feels like two minutes!

But man oh man!  What a ride…  LOL!  There’s been so many ups with just a few downs…  Right now I think I’m on an upward incline… not quite at the top but certainly better than my last post when I was on “Struggle Street”…  (As an aside I need to say a very big “thank you” to all of you… You, my very own Cheer Team!  You lifted me and stood me back up on my two legs again!  ❤  You ALL rock!)

Interesting though how my “not always positive” “mind chatter” sways my thinking…  I look in the mirror and of course can see significant change…  Yep…  I have collar bones that were never there before and I think my arms might look a little skinnier… Oh and I have a skinny neck…  But that’s about where I finish my skinny stuff…  I still feel (and think!!!) like a fat chick…  I don’t see myself as slimmer even though the numbers on both the scales and the tape measure tell me that I am in fact significantly smaller…

It is only when someone else says something that I get a twinge of belief and I want to say “oh really???”…  Not in a sarcastic, smarmy way but genuinely and truly hopeful…  “Is that really what you see?”  I have had two occurrences recently where this has happened… and they both took me by complete surprise cos I just don’t see it!  LOL!  And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my spirits were lifted high!!!  (Kylee and Lynda… Thank you… xx)

How strange it is when that frumpy fat girl and the “skinny minnie” are one and the same and it’s only the perceptions that differ…

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